Which exercises for lower back pain?

“Which exercises should I do for my lower back pain?”  is one of the questions I get asked most often.  As annoying as it may be, my answer has to be “It depends.”  And here’s why…

Not all lower back pain has the same cause

If you’ve strained a joint or a muscle, the exercises I’d give you are quite different to the exercises I’d give someone with a disc prolapse.  Just as if you took your car to a mechanic he wouldn’t always replace the spark plugs, we need to tailor the treatment (exercises) to the problem.  One size doesn’t fit all.

The longer you’ve had it, the more complicated pain can become

Generally speaking, people with long-standing pain get different exercise advice to those with recent onset pain (or at least they should).   More on this here.

We’ve long prescribed exercises for people with back pain, and our active X university course has a big section of videos on this.  BUT, we can do better!  We’ve been working on a treatment program which majors on exercises to complement our manual therapy.  The clients who’ve had a trial run on this program loved it.

The future…

We’ll spend around 30 minutes with you analysing your strengths and weaknesses – just your physical ones 😉 .  Then we’ll work out exactly which types of exercises your back would benefit from the most; then ask you to come back so that we can take you through those exercises.  You’ll then have access to your online (mobile compliant) exercise program (images, text AND videos) which will track your progress.  We’ll ask you to come back after a few weeks in order to update your program.   Aannnd… when you’re symptom-free we’ll put together a preventative exercise program to keep you that way, because:   “prevention is better than cure”!

Why is this necessary?

If you’re like most recurrent back pain sufferers, your lower back is your “Achilles heel” –  I know it’s mine.  When it goes wrong it means there are so many things that you can’t do.  By having an exercise program that’s specifically tailored to your lower back, you’re minimising the risk that your back has you sitting on the sidelines getting bored and frustrated (not to mention in pain!).  Note that exercise is the “intervention” most proven to help prevent lower back pain, so getting this right is worth the investment.

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