Exercises for chronic back pain sufferers

I am going to take you through a series of exercises for chronic back pain sufferers and forthose with ongoing back pain. Of course my recommendation is that you see a professional to help you. At active-x our osteopath services in Edinburgh can help you overcome your back pain and also teach you how to help yourself.

These exercises appeared in “The Back Book” – a book I co-authored with Gavin Hastings OBE ExCaptain of Scottish rugby team back in 1999.

Whenever possible I will find a video that will relate to each exercise to really help you.

The strengthening back pain exercises should be done once a day, 6 days a week and the stretching exercises should be done every day two to four times a day (depending on how stiff you are and how much time you can find to devote to getting better)

The more you do them, the faster you will learn them and the quicker you will be able to get through them!

This is an ongoing exercise program. Even if you have no back pain for 12 months that is not a reason to stop – don\’t take it for granted and just keep doing them.

There should be no pain – please stop if you experience pain and call us on 0131 221 1415 so we can discuss how best to help you.  Back pain is not something you have to tolerate – by eating well and taking part in regular physical activity (something as simple as walking can help) you can help yourself overcome back pain and I hope these exercises for chronic back pain sufferers will get you off to a great start.

Some of the exercises I will be including are:

and many more.

Also look out for my back pain guides that will show you proven methods to help you overcome back pain. They are due out in 2011 and the best way to keep in touch is to either join our Facebook fan page or register (top right) to receive our blog posts straight to your email inbox.

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