Employee absenteeism back pain and laptops

Employee absenteeism is on the rise due to back pain and in 2009 a research concluded that

“Almost 215,000 workers suffer from upper limb disorders (ULDs), according to the 2008/9 Labour Force Survey.” source: NHS Choices

If you have senior employees who work from home or work away from the office there is a strong possibility that without adequate health support they will begin to suffer the effects of upper limb disorders due to regular use of a laptop.

“About 8% of the workforce are teleworkers (working from other locations, using the home as a base or working from home). This figure is expected to rise. The HSE’s 2006 Horizon Scanning paper reports that by 2015, 70-80% of workers could be, at least partially, working away from the office.”

This is one of the reasons why we are a strong advocate of in-house health services for employers because it can not only provide ongoing health care (prevention is always better than cure!) but if your employees are off work it can help to get them back as quickly as possible.

If employee absenteeism because of back, neck or shoulder pain is a problem for your organisation feel free to call us on 0131 221 1415 to discuss how we can help you.

From weight loss, to encouraging regular exercise or helping employees with back pain – our Edinburgh in-house health service will help reduce costs due to employee absenteeism and provide a valuable in-house service your employees will love.

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