Edinburgh spine clinic – which one to choose?

How to find the best Edinburgh spine clinic?

Are you looking for the best Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery clinic? There are quite a few to choose from, and as an experienced Edinburgh osteopath, I think I’m pretty well qualified to answer this question.

Which profession?

The obvious choice for an Edinburgh spine clinic I hope would be my own, but let’s have a look around. Just to be even-handed about it.  As far as the professions go, Chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy are probably in the mix. If you’d like to understand the differences between the three, check out my article Chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist. In brief, you would be right to choose any one of these three.  All of them should be well-qualified and give you sensible advice.

Which part of Edinburgh?

If you’re in North Edinburgh, you could certainly choose Physis.  The physios know their stuff and are well-led by Darren Cornforth and Graham Curlewis.

While in South Edinburgh, Paul Barratt leads the team at Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery. Apart from having a lot of experience, Paul has a Masters Degree in Pain Management (from the University of Edinburgh, same as me!).

But in the city centre, I have to admit I am stumped. Apart from perhaps the Morrison Street branch of Physis – or us 😉

I find it interesting that I’m scratching my head too when it comes to West Edinburgh and East Edinburgh.  This may be because I don’t get out enough to visit fellow Edinburgh osteopaths.  Or perhaps it’s because you’ll struggle to find someone specialising in lower back pain and sciatica, as we do.

And if you’d like to learn why we specialise in lower back pain, read my article “Which Edinburgh osteopath specialises in lower back pain and sciatica?” In essence, I know that by focusing on lower back pain and sciatica I have a good chance of running the best Edinburgh spine clinic.

Of course, if you’d like someone who specialises in lower back pain or sciatica to help you out, please just give us a ring.  Or book an appointment with an Edinburgh osteopath.

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