“What’s really going on with my spine?”

Did you ever want to see what your spine is really up to?  How it moves, and why it sometimes goes wrong?  Whether you suffer low back pain or not, a digital spinal assessment is our equivalent of your annual dental check up.  Read on to see how international Lacrosse player Ailsa Stott rated the experience…

Lacrosse is a dynamic, multi-level, multi-direction sport, and it is not surprising that it can take its toll on your back. Playing lacrosse at the highest level for many years has certainly contributed to my recurrent episodes of low back pain, and i was delighted to recently have the opportunity for a full assessment at active x backs. gavin provided an incredibly professional and thorough assessment, using his many years of experience working with athletes, as well as the latest technology to provide a detailed analysis of my spine. It was amazing to see the results immediately and recognise the stiffness and hypermobility in the different vertebrae! He provided a really sensible management plan, understanding the need to not disrupt training as i work towards top fitness for the european championships in the czech republic this year. The focus was on a long term
improvement in symptoms as well as immediate management of pain. It’s great to know that if things flare up again, i can go back for further treatment, and i would recommend active x backs to any other lacrosse players in a similar situation. I’m hoping to keep playing at the highest possible level for as long as i want!

We’re so excited to be the first clinic in Scotland to be providing this service – it really is a game-changer in providing certainty and reassurance.  If – like many of our clients – you’d like to have a digital spinal assessment, give us a ring.


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