Seven every day things that can cause back, neck and shoulder pain

Sometimes we take the little things we do as routine for granted. We don’t stop and think about the effects they may have on our body and at first we won’t even notice the changes taking place until the pain signals arrive! You may be surprised to find out about these seven every day things that can cause back, neck and shoulder pain.

1. Popular video games

The new video games that help you get fit and play sports are great – but they can also lead to proper fitness and sports related injuries if you play them when totally unfit. Don’t jump right in to the hurdle jump if you haven’t exercised in months or years – your body just won’t like it! Also, it is important to warm up and cool down when you exercise but playing these games don’t always allow for that. There has been a sharp increase in the number of people in need of help after sustaining a back, neck or shoulder injury from video games. Keep safe, start slow and build up!

2. Mobile phones

Long term all that texting is bound to have an effect and – like video games – there has been a steady rise in the number of cases of pain due to over zealous texting. This time related mainly to the thumbs.  If you find you are experiencing any kind of pain in your hand when using your mobile phone, especially texting, seek advice. Also lay off the texts and make a call instead!

4. Flip flops and high heels

Both of these every day shoes cause problems for your lower back. Flip flops do not support the arch of your foot and high heels can send your posture off balance causing your muscles to work harder.  I am not saying you shouldn’t wear them, just be aware of how much time you spend in them and balance it out with good back care exercises and wearing a decent pair of shoes from time to time.

5.  Posture when watching TV

Usually, by the time we get home and flop in front of the TV we just want to relax. Do you lay out with your head on the arm chair? Well if you spend a lot of your time in front of the TV your incorrect posture will have an effect on your neck and shoulder as well as your lower back.

If you must lay out make sure you are supporting your neck and shoulders. Best thing to do is to spend less time in front of the TV and more time at weekly exercise classes. The link in number six will take you to a blog post I have written on the correct lying position to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

6. Your sleeping position

If you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck it may be the result of the position you sleep in at night along with how you support your body as you sleep.  Click the link to find out about the correct posture for lying down

7. Handbags, laptop cases and man bags

You may not think that your small, light handbag (or man bag) could be a contributing factor to your back pain but any bag – no matter how light it seems – if carried frequently on one shoulder, will gradually create uneven muscle tensions which may lead to pain. Try and swap shoulders or wear the bag across yourself – this spreads the load much more evenly.  Back pain symptoms in children are on the increase because of the weight they carry at school. Do your best to use a case that allows you to spread the weight across your back rather than on one shoulder.

There you have it! Seven every day things that can cause back, neck and shoulder pain if done incorrectly over time or suddenly like in the case of video games.

If you are experiencing pain in any area of your neck and shoulder or lower back please call us on 0131 221 1415

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