The best sciatica relief in Edinburgh – your options.

The best sciatica relief in Edinburgh – your options

To find the best sciatica relief in Edinburgh, first we need to establish what kind of sciatica you have.  After that you can decide which of the options appeal to you most.  I’ll lay them out below, starting with the two types of sciatica.  My credentials are that I have a Masters degree in Pain Management, specialising in lower back pain and sciatica.  I’ve also practised clinically in this field for 27 years.  I’ve written two books on lower back pain and created an online course for lower back pain and sciatica

Sciatica relief depends on your type of sciatica

Remember that sciatica is a description, not a diagnosis.  First, to make sure you’ve got sciatica, watch this video. It includes a few safety questions you should answer to determine whether to see you doctor or not.  Here’s a link to another article on sciatica potentially being a sign of something serious.

There are 2 types of sciatica

1. Nerve-compression sciatica (NCS)

This is where there is actual pressure on either your sciatic nerve or on one of its tributaries.  Think of the sciatic nerve like the Amazon river. It’s the biggest nerve in your body and has small tributaries leading into it. These are branches of the spinal nerves.  These spinal nerves come from Lumbars 4 and 5 and Sacral 1, 2 and 3.

2. Non-nerve-compression sciatica (NNCS)

Sciatic pain can be due to referred pain.  This is where you have injured something (usually in your lower back).  That something has the same spinal nerve supply as parts of your buttock, leg and/or foot.  So you feel the pain in the distribution of your sciatic nerve.  But the pain is not due to nerve irritation.  Think of if more like a crossed-wire.

Sciatica relief by type


Your options here are spinal surgery, IDD therapy in Edinburgh, or getting your body to heal itself.  And there are a few things you can try which I’ll explain below.


Surgery isn’t an option.  IDD therapy isn’t an option.  So that just leaves you with getting your body to heal itself!  Like NCS there are a few things you can try..

Quick relief from sciatica

I’ve written a whole article on tips for sciatica – check it out here.

And as for how long does it take for sciatica to heal?  Check this article out.

And here’s a guide to how much it may cost to successfully treat your sciatica.

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