Back pain relief in four simple steps

When you are experiencing chronic back pain what you yearn for most is to rid yourself of it. We are so very hard on our bodies and don’t spend nearly as much time looking after them as we should and in fact back pain could so easily be overcome with a few regular exercises like the ones I outline in my back pain guides.

If you know someone who is suffering right now and you were searching for back pain relief ideas or strategies here are four simple steps that can help relieve their back pain:

1. Paracetomol will help in the short term or muscle relaxants if you have them.

2.  Keep walking and don’t lie or sit still for very long. You need to keep the blood flowing and your joints moving because you recover quicker when you do.

3. Use a heat pad to help relieve muscular pain

4. Regular sessions with a professional. Whether an osteopath like myself or booking a regular remedial massage session seeking professional help is the quickest way to back pain relief.

I hope those back pain tips help you and that you are able to get back pain relief from them. I want to encourage you to adopt a long term approach to looking after your whole body through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

To discuss your particular back pain issues call our Edinburgh office on 0131 221 1415 and ask for Gavin Routledge.

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