Back Pain Guide 5 : How does weight gain affect back pain?

I’m overweight – how does that affect my back pain?

If you are overweight for your height you are carrying around a greater load than is advisable. This increases the strain on your lower back, making it harder for it to get better, and increasing the chance that something will go wrong again.

The greater the weight bearing down on the bones and discs in your lower back, the more likely things (bones, discs, and muscles) are to tire and wear out.  Being overweight could well be an aggravating factor for your low back pain and it is well worth trying to do something about it.

active-x provide services that can support you in losing weight. From our clinic in Edinburgh you can

visit our nutritionist

arrange vibrational training with our personal trainer

use our personal training services

As well as those services at our offices you can also attend our weekly circuit training exercise classes that take place at St George’s Church twice a week

For full details of how we can support you in losing weight to overcome back pain call us on 0131 221 1415

To download our fifth back pain guide in our series click the link below


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