Back pain clinic for golfers – banish pain and swing free!

Back pain clinic for golfers

What would the ideal back pain clinic for golfers be like?  It would be staffed by people who understand three things: golf, backs, and pain.

A clinic staffed by people that understand golf

I had my first set of lessons from Bill Bennett at Schawpark Golf Club outside Alloa in 1977.  Although I have never been a great golfer (too many children spread over too many years), I enjoy golf.  I understand your obsession.  I understand the rules, I love the etiquette.  And I understand the demands golf puts on your back. I don’t know if there’s a single pro-golfer who hasn’t experienced back pain.  If you play a lot of golf, that amounts to a repetitive strain on your back.  But not any old strain.  A strain pattern that’s particular to golf.  There is a pattern which can be seen in most golfers with sore backs.

A clinic that understand backs

Backs are our business.  I myself have studied how backs – and the rest of the body – work for 30 years now.

A back pain clinic for golfers that understands pain

I’ve been an osteopath in Edinburgh for 27 years.  Back in 1997 my first book on lower back pain was published.  Gavin Hastings OBE is in all the pictures.  He’s more photogenic than me (and a bit better known).  And he’s a much better golfer than me.  During my Masters Degree in Pain Management I focused on lower back pain during my dissertation.  Following the Masters I wrote another book on low back pain which was published in 2017.  It’s a major upgrade on the first.  A lot had changed in the treatment and management of back pain in the intervening 20 years.  Here’s a video of Ian Rankin OBE interviewing me at the launch of the book at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh.

Aside from understanding golf, backs, and pain, it’s important to recognise that it’s not just your golf that may be affecting your back.  There are usually a number of contributing factors.  And of course, we can work out what your specific risk factors are for back pain.  Then we work out an exercise program designed to initially relieve your back pain.  And then follow that up with a program to strengthen your back to thrive on the golf course.  Manual therapy will help you to progress faster, but it won’t cure you in itself.  Remember, it wasn’t a lack of treatment that caused your back pain.  So treatment alone isn’t going to prevent it from recurring.

A back pain clinic with a lot of experience of treating golfers

We’ve treated a lot of golfers all ready.  Not just hundreds, but thousands.  We’ve been in business since 1993, and we’ve always had a focus on sport.  Rugby, golf and cycling are the main ones.

The clinic should be accessible

The ideal back pain clinic for golfers is 5 minutes from Haymarket railway station, in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End.

If you’d like to book an appointment with an osteopath specialising in back pain and golfers, you can book an osteopathy appointment online, or just call Andreea or Paula and they can arrange it for you. Why suffer?  Let’s banish that pain and get back to swinging freely.

How do we work?

We aim to relieve and prevent lower back pain and sciatica in golfers – here’s how we do it.

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