Avoid low back pain with a correctly positioned office chair part 3

In my last post I spoke about how to avoid low back pain with a correct positioned office chair and today I want to continue that theme by showing you how to adjust the back of your office chair.

Are You A HR Professional in Edinburgh?

I deliver a talk called “Aches and pains and how to avoid them” which is a great talk for companies looking to show their employees how they can work towards helping themselves.

Employee absenteeism due to back pain is one of the major causes of sick leave.  However, there is a lot that your employees can do and my new guides will show them how.

If you have the responsibility of managing staff absenteeism and/or cost reduction and you want to consider your own in-house health service in Edinburgh call the Active-X offices on 0131 221 1415 and they will put you through to me.

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