Arm and leg strength stretch for back pain

Here is another exercise for you to add to the growing library of exercises for back pain that I have included on the blog so far. This one is the arm and leg strength stretch and as suggested in the title this is an endurance exercise to help strengthen your back.

  1. Lie face down with two pillows under your stomach, arms above your head.
  2. Lift your opposite arm and leg approximately 20cm off the floor and stretch the two apart
  3. Hold this for 10 seconds
  4. Repeat on alternate sides four times

If you haven’t seen my original blog posts on exercises for chronic back pain <== click the link to read it and to get access to some of the other exercises I have included so far.

If I can help you with back pain – or any other kind of pain that has been ongoing please call the active-x offices on 0131 221 1415 to arrange an appointment.

I have included a video below so you can get a look at what the exercise looks like – BUT YOU SHOULD NOT perform them as quickly as the person in this demonstration. Remember to hold each stretch for 10 seconds before changing as I said above.

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