01/02/2019 Gavin

Who is the best osteopath in Edinburgh?

Who is the best osteopath in Edinburgh?  Having run a back pain and sciatica clinic in Edinburgh for over 25 years, I should be pretty well-qualified to answer this question.  I will avoid the obvious answer, because I have a massive bias 😉  The below are a list of osteopaths that I would be very happy to consult, either because they have a huge amount of experience, or have a specialism.  Of course whether any one of them would be the best one for you and your particular problem is hard to judge.  But you will get a quality experience from someone who has a high level of professionalism.

Best Osteopath – Paul Barratt?

Paul Barratt has been in practice for longer than me, and – like me – has a Master of Science Degree in Pain Management from Edinburgh University.  He knows his stuff.  Is he the best osteopath in Edinburgh?

Best Osteopath – Adam Harker?

Although he’s a good bit younger, Adam Harker has gained considerable experience around the world, and is the guy to take your small child to, as he specialises in babies, children and pregnant women.  Is he the one?

Best Osteopath – Patrick Harding?

Patrick Harding is of a similar vintage to me, with lots of experience, a gentle but reassuring manner, and good hands.  Is he the best osteopath in Edinburgh?

Best Osteopath – Phil Mack?

Phil Mack is definitely not the best osteopath in Edinburgh, because he’s a physiotherapist, and not an osteopath.  But he’s a very good one.  He’s the guy I send most of my knee patients to. I’m sure he’s good at other body-parts too, but I know he’s particularly good at knees!

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If you’d like a complete list of osteopaths in Edinburgh, the General Osteopathic Council, provides one here.

I’d love to earn the label best osteopath in Edinburgh myself, but – as commented at the top of the article – I have to exclude myself as I am on the judging panel!! 😉  The other Edinburgh osteopaths would lynch me!