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Best Edinburgh musculoskeletal specialists

Leading Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinic in Edinburgh, Scotland

If you’re looking for a musculoskeletal specialist in Edinburgh, read on…  Of course, as an Edinburgh osteopath I’d like to think we can cover all bases.  But below I’ll give you a selection of best-picks for different body parts.

Musculoskeletal pain affects 1 in 3 people in Scotland.  That’s 1.7 million people.  And pain in Edinburgh is just as common as any other part of Scotland.

What is a “musculoskeletal disorder”?

It basically means you have a problem with the body’s framework (the skeleton) and/or the muscles that move that skeleton around.  For most people this is experienced as pain.

What is a specialist?

In medical or healthcare terms, a specialist is someone who has specific training and long experience in a particular area.  So, that might be a back pain specialist, a knee specialist, shoulder, neck etc.

Edinburgh specialist for knees

The physio I most often recommend is Phil Mack.  But our own Edinburgh osteopath Jordan Clemson is a former Personal Trainer, and very good with knee rehab too.  In fact he’s good at most rehab issues.

Edinburgh specialist for spinal surgery

I recommend Mr Fouyas.  I guess I would, as he’s been on my podcast on surgery for lumbar disc problems.

Back pain and sciatica specialist

I really rate Paul Barratt in the back pain arena, and of course would have to shyly put my hand up as someone who has specialised in low back pain and sciatica for 20+ years.

“Widely acknowledged as the “best osteopath in Edinburgh”, Gavin Routledge has worked as an MSK specialist for over 30 years.

He has helped clients get rid of and prevent  pain in their back muscles, specializing in lower back pain and sciatica. As well as having a master’s degree in the clinical management of pain, Gavin has created a mobile app, written 2 books on osteopathy, and created several courses for physical therapists and fitness professionals to use.”

Are you tired of living in pain? Get in touch today to find out what you can do to say goodbye to back pain for good!

Edinburgh specialist for children with pain

Tom Kelman was the first osteopath in Edinburgh with a diploma in paediatric osteopathy.  He’s be a good bet.

That’s my round-up so far if you’re looking for an Edinburgh musculoskeletal specialist.  I’ll add more soon.

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