14/11/2016 Gavin

Back Pain Workshops

Lower back pain is incredibly common – you’ll see from the table below that it’s the leading cause of disability in the world.

Causes of Disability ChartIt’s also very poorly understood, which is not helped by clinicians over-complicating it, or just dishing out painkillers with a reassurance that it is “self-limiting” and will be “fine in a few weeks”.  60% of lower back pain will recur within 12 months.

Two of the strongest predictors of whether your recently painful lower back will continue to be painful for months/years is your attitude towards it, and whether you adopt passive or active coping tactics – these are more influential than the degree of damage.  This is why education has been shown to be one of the most important interventions for lower back pain, and why I go to great lengths to explain what is wrong with your back and how you can help yourself.

Too many clinicians (in my humble opinion) build back pain into something it needn’t be – mysterious and frightening.  It isn’t mysterious and – when you understand exactly why you’re in pain – most people are no longer frightened by it.

If you would like lower back pain (and sciatica, or any other pain for that matter) to be de-mystified, then you’ll be glad to know that I do workshops on exactly this subject – my current average rating is 10/10, and I aim to protect it by always trying to improve on the last workshop!  I’ve been running them for employers for years (with major improvements over the last year), and am always happy to discuss opportunities to help more people who suffer needlessly.

Here’s a link to a free one – I don’ t often do them for free it must be said 😉

Very useful and usable information delivered
in a short space of time on posture, standing,
sitting & bending.  Fiona Gray

I came away thinking that I have tools to help
me relieve back pain and hopefully prevent it. Ian Stewart


If you’d like help with your recurring or long-lasting back pain, feel free to email me.

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