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Back pain treatment in Edinburgh – your options

Back pain treatment in Edinburgh – your options

If you’re reading this you probably don’t know who to consult for back pain treatment in Edinburgh.  Below are your most obvious options.  They’re the most obvious because they are recommended in the clinical guidelines for the treatment of back pain.  At the bottom of the article I’ll tell you what else is recommended.  And what to look for in a clinician.

A Manipulative Physiotherapist for back pain treatment in Edinburgh

Not all physios are qualified in manipulation.  In fact only the minority are. This means they will have a Masters Degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy.  Physios have a broad theoretical training, with some practical. But it’s not until they specialise that they can become really good at back pain. 15 years ago I was involved in delivering training to physios in manipulative therapy.  Even the physios who had been in practice for 20 years were not very good with their hands.  It just wasn’t part of their training.

A chiropractor

Chiros graduate with a very practical skill-set, including manipulation. They are also trained in rehabilitation approaches.  But tend to deliver much less advice, when compared with physios and osteos.

An osteopath

Like chiros, osteopaths are trained in manual therapy skills from day one of their degree.  This means they graduate with at least 2500 hours of practical experience in treating back pain and other ailments.

My experience of all 3

I have consulted all 3 professions for back pain.  I have worked with all 3 professions.  And I’ve taught members of 2 of them.  You are most likely to find physios better at exercise prescription.  Chiros better at “spinal adjustments”. And osteos somewhere in the middle. Osteopaths use soft tissue techniques (think of it a bit like massage), as well as manipulation techniques.  They also usually prescribe exercises and posture/ergonomic advice.  I am biased towards osteopathy, because I am one.  But I would always rather have a good chiro or physio, than a poor osteopath 😉  The trick is finding the good ones in any profession.

Back pain treatment in Edinburgh – who’s good?

I have written an article before on the best osteopaths in Edinburgh. They’re all a pretty good bet, although I’m not sure any of them could be said to specialise in back pain. Movefreely are physios and massage therapists who seem to have a core interest in back pain.  If you’re interested, here’s an article on why we specialise in back pain and sciatica.  If you read the article you’ll see the benefits of specialising.

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Back pain treatment in Edinburgh recommendations

Here’s what I think you should be looking for when searching for back pain treatment in Edinburgh:

  • A clinic that specialises in your problem
  • Someone with years of experience
  • A reasonable price – but be focused on the value rather than the cost
  • Someone who will explain how it works and how to help yourself

If you’d like to discuss more how we can help, feel free to email me directly [email protected] or just book online to see an osteopath in Edinburgh.