18/07/2011 Gavin

Back Chair Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau

I was really pleased to read that the winner of The Apprentice 2011 is Tom Pellereau who has a fantastic invention which focuses on designing a chair that not only helps employees avoid back pain but will also be able to detect whether they will suffer from back pain in the future.

Tom understands how much staff absenteeism because of back pain costs employers every year, which is why he invented the chair.  Having to recruit temporary staff because of absenteeism can have a serious effect on your business especially if you rely on one of two key members of staff.

active-x will continue to raise awareness of back pain and the cost of absenteeism for business owners in Edinburgh – which you can talk to us about if it is something that is currently an issue for your business. Call me (Gavin Routledge) on 0132 221 1415 or click here to complete our enquiry form and someone will get back to you.

In the meantime congratulations Tom Pellereau and good luck with the promotion of your chair. You can read the story at Optimist News

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