06/01/2011 Gavin

Back care endurance exercise

The lumbar sidebending is a back care endurance exercise that forms part of a series of blog posts I am writing for chronic back pain sufferers.

To perform this exercise lying down

1. Lie flat on your back, knees straight, arms by your sides.

2. Pull one leg up at the hip to shorten the leg.

3. Hold for 2 seconds.

4. Relax and repeat with the other leg.

5. Repeat on alternate sides ten times.

See image below


You can also perform this exercises sitting down and is a great exercise for people who are at their desk and want to take a few minutes to stretch out (a great thing to do!)

If you have any questions about any of the exercises shown or you would like to me about my osteopath services available at our Edinburgh clinic please call 0131 221 1415

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