10/06/2011 Gavin

active-x ergonomic information and advice featured on HRNetworkJobs.com

For years active-x have been engaging with employers in an attempt to help reduce staff absenteeism due to chronic back pain and maximise well-being within an organisation. Thanks to the increase of video training and the number of companies running internal online training programs I have been able to create a video series that provides ergonomic information and advice for employees.

The videos demonstrate the correct ergonomic setup of a workstation, and outline exercises that can be performed at your desk to minimise symptoms and the risk of developing problems from a sedentary posture.

An article appeared in HRNetworkJobs.com on Wednesday and we hope to help not only employers in Edinburgh but on a much wider scale.  Click the link to read the article called – Minimising pain at work

For organisations that are looking to include these videos on their intranet site branding is available.

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