29/06/2020 Gavin

41: Home treatment of low back pain / sciatica option 2

Provider of online consultations for lower back pain and sciatica, Edinburgh Osteopath Gavin Routledge provides more tips for home treatment of low back pain and sciatica (he covers different tips to those given in episode 36.

The surprising tips are

  • Move often
  • Don’t think you have to stretch
  • Don’t use painkillers to do more
  • Use a massage ball
  • Get premium insights for free

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If you haven’t listened to Episodes 1-6 – our foundation episodes – please go back and start at the beginning!  It will lay the foundation for you to make a long-term, sustainable recovery.  And if you’d like a free online assessment of lower back pain / sciatica, just click the link.  It will provide you with a guide as to whether you need to see a doctor or not, which exercises are most likely to relieve your particular pain, and a whole load more tips on recovering from and preventing lower back pain / sciatica.  And if you want a personal consultation with an experienced clinician specializing in lower back pain / sciatica, you can book online.